Best Graffiti Artists

Graffiti is a form of urban writing, usually done on public spaces. It is a unique art form that is often used to express political, social, cultural and personal opinions or feelings.

One of the most popular forms of graffiti is a style known as “wildstyle.” This is an aesthetic that involves bold color choices and a more abstract design.

Lady Pink

Lady Pink, formerly Sandra Fabara, was born in Ambato, Ecuador, but raised in New York City. She began writing graffiti in 1979, after the loss of her boyfriend.

Her style was inspired by her Latin American heritage and her commitment to social justice. She has become one of the most influential graffiti artists in history, and her work is often featured in galleries around the world.

Today, Lady Pink continues to create ambitious murals for businesses and paintings on canvas that express her personal vision. She also shares her experience with teens by holding mural workshops and lecturing in universities throughout the Northeast U.S.

Phase 2

A graffiti artist and impresario of hip hop culture including breaking, Phase 2 was one of the most influential pioneers of the Aerosol Art movement. He also developed bubble letter writing, a style that has become commonplace in graffiti and street art.

As an early member of the United Graffiti Artists (UGA), Phase 2 helped raise the profile of subway writers in New York City and beyond. He helped to connect graffiti with a wider world through his flyers and album artwork, which connected the colorful handstyles and bubble letters on walls and trains to Hip-Hop music.


Graffiti is a subculture that has become one of the most popular art movements in the world. One of the most famous graffiti artists is Blade. He is well-known for his unique style of lettering that plays with perspective and abstract geometric forms.

The artist grew up in the Bronx and was an active member of the graffiti movement during the 1970s. He became famous for his work on subway trains and today, he exhibits internationally.


The term graffiti is derived from the Italian word graffito, meaning “incised inscription or design.” Modern works of graffiti are made by using spray paints and other materials, but the origins of this form of art can be traced back to ancient cultures. Historically, graffiti artists used tools such as sticks and stones to scratch designs into walls and monuments.

Today, graffiti has become an art form that fuses artistic and political statements. Artists have often painted messages addressing gender inequality, drug abuse, and the AIDS crisis.